Candidate Services

GES is dedicated to serving the needs of technology professionals.

Personal Attention

At GES there are specific things you can count on such as integrity, confidentiality and follow through. Professionals who choose to utilize GES services are given special attention and can expect to be considered for opportunities with top reputable companies. GES provides thorough, concise information about each opportunity and works with you to ensure the best fit to meet your goals. You’ll find that we go beyond matching buzz words and do our best to communicate what the “real” needs are for an opportunity.

Exposure to Great Opportunities

With an expansive network, GES has opportunities many do not hear about until the press release. We have worked with a wide range of companies from startups to Fortune 500 and while we don’t claim to have all of the positions, the ones we represent are real and well defined.

Setting Expectations

Another quality you can count on at GES is knowing where you stand regarding any opportunity. We know one of the most frustrating things about a job search is what we refer to as the “black hole”. You work with a recruiter or hiring manager and then suddenly… silence. We work very hard with our clients to keep lines of communication open and insist that our recruiters are committed to keeping you in the loop. Even if it’s a simple as letting you know there is no news. We invite you to see what others are saying about our service.(View Testimonials)